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3D Animator

Posted on May 19, 2022

Job Description

We are looking for a talented Animator who is ready to work on the cutting edge of game graphics technology. We let our creativity go wild and combine that with technical skill to bring beautiful worlds and Illuvial creatures to life through animation. You will join the Illuvium animation team and work on both creatures and characters for in-game and cinematic content in a semi-realistic style.


About Illuvium

Illuvium Labs is an independent game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. We develop blockchain based games for the Illuvium DAO. We have developed a strong culture of independence with our team, preferring candidates who can articulate their own vision and goals. We operate almost entirely remotely so each team member designs their own hours and work schedule. In the end all that matters is the delivered product. We hire based on people’s abilities to adapt and change quickly, valuing underlying core abilities above specific skill sets.



You will work with 5 other animators under the supervision of the Lead Animator to animate cycles for a wide variety of creatures.


Skills & Qualifications

  • Expert in Maya, Mid to Senior level, ( 3+ years ), Juniors will be considered if the reel shows great potential!
  • Ability to adapt quickly to the pipeline and required speed.
  • Demo reel needs to demonstrate a great sense of timing and animation principles on creatures and humanoids.
  • Examples of actions that we are looking for include creature walk cycles, body mechanic actions, fighting actions and death animations.
  • Experience with Animation Studio Library.
  • Please share a Demo reel and your LinkedIn Profile.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Animators with AAA game animation experience.
  • Gameplay animation experience.



This job is 100% remote, but preference will be given to animators located in Australia or Asia.

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